I have no idea what’s up with my skin this year, but my face has had the roughest time. I’ve worn MAC Studio Fix since I was a teenager and never once had a problem, I mean, if it works, why change it, right? And then out of nowhere it started looking thick and powdery on me, I wonder if it was my skin or if the makeup changed? Regardless of what it was, I wasn’t feeling that look so I set out on a quest to find something that I liked.

It’s been months of trying things to come up with this list that now makes me happy. If you’re in the same boat as me then I recommend going to Sephora with a clean face and just trying out everything. At first I thought maybe I needed full coverage foundation like the ones all the Youtubers seemed to like, but it wasn’t a good look for me at all, it looked so thick and unnatural.

I also realized that I like matte foundation better than the regular because I’m not really looking for a shiny face, I’m already very pale, so I looked like a glowing bulb. After months of trying to figure out what worked for me, I was able to compile the list below with my favorites (3 being my favorite and 1 the least). I’ve found that I kind of love using one of the liquids and then lightly brushing my MAC powder over it, it really does look natural, light and yes it lasts all day.

1. MAC Studio Fix
I’ve been using this powder since I first started wearing makeup, it looks natural and it lasts all day. If you want a little extra coverage you can also brush some over your favorite liquid foundation.

2. Make Up Forever Ultra HD
I had a makeover last year by a Make Up Forever artist and I pretty much fell in love with this product, I couldn’t believe how smooth and perfect it made my skin look. This was the first time I had ever used liquid foundation. It also lasts all day, which is a must for me.

3. NYX Stay Matte But Not Flat
This is one of the cheapest products out there and I can hardly believe that it’s also my favorite, I’ve never found anything that compares honestly. I’ve been telling all my friends about it! It’s a lightweight foundation, it lasts, looks natural and it doesn’t make your face shine like a lot of foundations do, that’s a win in my book.