smuug is a lifestyle blog where I talk about home interiors, digital design, fashion and even beauty; you know life stuff.
I have a very specific aesthetic, I’ve always been drawn to simple and modern items. My absolute favorite thing to do is travel and discover new (to me) lands and cultures. I love to laugh and get along with most people. I’m pretty open minded and believe that we all have the right to choose what we believe and do. I do me, and you do you!
I was born and raised in east Tennessee and I’ve lived in Chicago, IL, Atlanta, GA, Washington, DC, Yukon, OK and as of now Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, where I’ve been since 2008.
I attended a private art school in Chicago, IL. Although my focus at the time was fashion design, easing over to the graphic field was quite easy. I continue my education by taking design and web classes yearly to keep up with the growing industry.
I’ve happily been freelancing for the past 7 years and have created hundreds of items. I’ve helped clients make a dream a reality over and over again. If you’re interested in working with just shoot me an email.