I never realized how different beauty practices were around the world really until moving to a different country and seeing it for myself. I’ve recognized so many of these standards and ways since living here and thought I would share what I’ve noticed, these little things have always intrigued me about cultures.

1. Hair Removal

a. USA: When it comes to brows they thread, tweeze or wax. Legs and armpits they shave, and they either leave or shave their privacy. They do nothing when it comes to arm hair.

b. KSA: They do not like hair at all, the majority has laser hair removal on every part of their body that grows hair as soon as they become a teenager. For brows they bleach or thread.

2. “That” Time

a. USA: They are taught to use only tampons, and that everything else is gross. They’re also taught that they should clean themselves with a device called a douche every month or else they will smell.

b. KSA: You will hardly even find tampons here, no one uses them, especially unmarried women. They’re taught just the opposite in fact! They believe that your body naturally cleans itself.

3. Hair

a. USA: The usual shampoo and conditioner applies to them. You will find women with all kinds of different hairstyles and colors.

b. KSA: You find a lot of oils in the stores, they use these oils on their hair because they believe it makes it healthier and more beautiful. They also do the usual shampoo and conditioner, and while some use dye to color their hair the majority prefers henna which is natural. Also, long hair is a sign of beauty, so most women will not do short hair.

4. Body Size

a. USA: The skinnier you are, the better, while having curves is always a plus, too much is not viewed as attractive. Men and women alike prefer the skinny as can be look.

b. KSA Having meat on you and curves is what’s attractive. Women will even get fat injected into their cheeks to look fuller and younger. Being a little overweight isn’t a big deal as long as you have curves too.

5. Skin Color

a. USA: The goal is to always get as tan as possible. They go to tanning beds year around to keep the tan up and in the Summer slather all kinds of oils to get as dark as possible.

b. KSA: Everyone wants to look as pale as they possibly can. The store aisles are filled with creams that supposedly lightens your skin. They rarely go out in the sun, and if they did, they would cover everything up to keep from getting darker.


a. USA: Long nails are viewed as attractive, so women start getting acrylics from the time they’re teens. They go to have them fixed almost weekly.

b. Long nails are also attractive for women here, but they’re natural. However, since it’s a Muslim country and you can’t pray with nail polish women usually only have it when it’s “that” time. And most always go to the spa to have manicures and pedicures.


a. USA: Older women usually prefer yellow and white gold, but younger women like silver, rose and white gold alone, yellow gold is viewed as old fashioned.

b. KSA: Yellow gold is all the rave, the more the merrier. It’s a sign of wealth and beauty.