Saudi Bloggers

Created: 16 Jan 2017  / Categories: blogging

I’ve always really enjoyed reading the blogs of others in Saudi, and thought I would compile a list. If this was most countries, it would be impossible since it’s literally thousands ...

How To Fix WordPress Blurred Images

Created: 10 Jan 2017  / Categories: blogging

One of my past clients emailed me a few weeks ago about the images on her blog. All the sudden the quality was lacking and she wanted to know if I knew why. Ironically enough, this was something ...

Top 7 of 2016

Created: 02 Jan 2017  / Categories: blogging

It’s super interesting for me to see what people love the most on my blog, and also what they look for. It’s always the things that I would least expect to be popular that are. Here ...

How to Use A Custom Font On Your Blog

Created: 07 Dec 2016  / Categories: blogging

I always use Google fonts, I mean they have everything you could want plus it’s all free and easy. However, every now and again you may want a certain custom font, and luckily it’s a ...

Choosing a Portfolio Service

Created: 08 Nov 2016  / Categories: blogging, Design

I’ve talked about portfolios a few times here, they’re a big deal for creatives and how we get our clients. No ones going to hire someone without a portfolio or a bad one that ...

Moving from Blogger to WordPress

Created: 20 Aug 2016  / Categories: blogging

It’s been 3-1/2 years since I’ve moved my blog from Blogger to WordPress, and I had made this post back when I moved, so it was in need of a big update, since a few things have ...