My Top 5

Created: 01 Aug 2016  / Categories: blogging

It’s always intriguing to see what posts are popular with my readers and which ones aren’t. It seems the ones I put the most work into and think will be big reads never end up as ...

How to Create An Affiliate Shop

Created: 17 Jul 2016  / Categories: blogging

You’ve probably noticed that a lot of bloggers are creating shops that link to their favorite items, and by doing so they get a small percentage every time someone buys said product. I ...

Gmail is Updating their DMARC Policy, now What?

Created: 12 Jun 2016  / Categories: blogging

Gmail is updating their DMARC policy, which means that any mail sent through a non-Gmail third party (like most newsletters) with a “from” address at will be rejected ...

How to select a color palette for your brand

Created: 10 Jun 2016  / Categories: blogging, Design

For the most part when I get a new client they already know what color palette they would like to use or have some ideas. Usually by the time a designer is hired a client has thought about ...

My Take On Social Media Marketing

Created: 24 May 2016  / Categories: blogging

“When everyone else goes right, go left”. Yes, I think that sums me up pretty good. I’ve never been one of those people that just read or saw something and believed that was ...

How To Freshen Up Your Blog

Created: 16 May 2016  / Categories: blogging

Is a blog ever really done? I feel like I’m constantly working on mine, kind of like laundry. You always have that goal to take care of things, but as soon as you do it’s right back ...