A Peek Review

Created: 15 May 2016  / Categories: blogging

Have you heard of Peek? It’s a free service where you submit your link to a site and a random person goes and reviews it, giving their first impression. It’s actually a pretty ...

Design & Marketing Aren’t The Same Thing

Created: 02 May 2016  / Categories: blogging, Design

When I was in art school we had several different subjects we could choose from. The marketing and design department were two very different things. We studied different subjects and we worked ...

Remove WordPress Double Widget Titles

Created: 26 Mar 2016  / Categories: blogging

A while back a new WordPress update caused several widgets to display the name twice. Usually if you remove a widget title it just won’t show, but this glitch still shows the title, which ...

My Favorite Social Media Plugin

Created: 21 Mar 2016  / Categories: blogging

I found the Elegant Theme website about a year ago when I started using their newsletter opt-in service. I was also introduced to another great plugin that they have called Monarch. Now you can ...

Selling Your Services Naturally

Created: 11 Mar 2016  / Categories: blogging

Several years ago when I started freelancing online there was not too many people doing it and it was easy to get sales without trying too much, now days it seems like everyone is selling ...

Ridiculous Things Bloggers Say

Created: 24 Feb 2016  / Categories: blogging, Design

There’s a group of bloggers that make me want to roll my eyes into another dimension when I see things they post or read the comments that are left. I swear they live in their own little ...