How to Use A Custom Cursor On Your Blog

Created: 07 Feb 2016  / Categories: blogging, Design

Did you know that you can use a custom cursor on your blog? Of course you can, you can do most things now days! A custom cursor is just one more step in defining your own space the way you want ...

Supercharge Your WordPress Search Function

Created: 29 Dec 2015  / Categories: blogging

My search feature here on my website has been a nightmare. I’ve been meaning to deal with it for a year now, but kept putting it off. When anyone would search for a term it would bring all ...

How to Create a Home Page in WordPress

Created: 26 Dec 2015  / Categories: blogging

This past year I’ve seen a lot of people go from simple blogs to making all kinds of custom pages, and it seems the home page has been the most popular. I really do like having a home ...

Speed Up Your WordPress Site With My Secret Weapon

Created: 21 Dec 2015  / Categories: blogging

It’s good to always keep your blog, cleaned up since it’s a big factor in speed. You wouldn’t believe half the junk that is stored on your site and will be until you clean it ...

How to Promote Your Freebies for More Traffic (and where)

Created: 16 Dec 2015  / Categories: blogging, Design, resources

I’ve found that there are two types of designers out there. The ones that offer freebies and the ones that would die before giving away something for free. Since I first started this blog ...

WordPress Shortcuts

Created: 06 Dec 2015  / Categories: blogging

I love that Adobe programs have little shortcuts that you can take to get around, but did you know that WordPress does as well? It’s really handy when you’re a blogger, trust me any ...