Introducing My New Course Home

Created: 05 Dec 2015  / Categories: blogging, Design

Less than a year ago I launched my own ecourse Sell Online, all about selling digital goods. It’s done really well over time and I’ve kept it updated frequently just like I promised. ...

How To Verify Your Site and Why

Created: 02 Dec 2015  / Categories: blogging

Gees, there’s a lot to having a blog right? All kinds of things we have to (or should) do. I know it seems to be a never ending list, but the webs a big place and we all want our little ...

How to Create a Custom Favicon

Created: 30 Nov 2015  / Categories: blogging, Design

A favicon is that little icon up in the browser next to the link. It’s an important part of every site since most people use that icon instead of reading when they bookmark your site. Just ...

How to Import and Export Bloglovin and Feedly Subscriptions

Created: 24 Nov 2015  / Categories: blogging

For the longest time Bloglovin was blocked in Saudi Arabia and when we were finally able to get it I was so happy. I’ved tried a few feeds and I had finally found one that was perfect for ...

How to Set Up A Self Hosted WordPress Blog

Created: 23 Nov 2015  / Categories: blogging, resources

The thought of starting a new blog through (self hosted) can be intimidating, I know this because a few years ago I was in your shoes. I had been using Blogger for years and wanted ...

How to Get The Perfect Flat Lay

Created: 12 Nov 2015  / Categories: blogging, Design, resources

This image was taken and edited in snapseed. After I took the picture I just cropped, brightened a bit and then used a black and white filter. A flat lay is pretty much what it sounds like which ...