Easily Change Fonts on Your WordPress Site

Created: 12 Nov 2015  / Categories: blogging

One of the biggest questions I often get from clients is how to change fonts at a later date. They will often have a design for a while and later on decide they want to spruce up the look with a ...

Welcome to smuug

Created: 02 Nov 2015  / Categories: blogging, Design

So maybe you’ve noticed something new around here, and that of course is the name. I’ve been wanting to get away from my name online since the beginning of the year and have been ...

WordPress Video Tutorials

Created: 03 Oct 2015  / Categories: blogging, resources

I tend to make a lot of video tutorials for my clients and while a lot of them are only for my particular theme designs I do have some that would relate to everyone using WordPress, so I thought ...

Easily Create Social Icons with Font Awesome

Created: 13 Sep 2015  / Categories: blogging, Design, resources

Font Awesome Icons are one my favorite tools to use no my own blog and others. If you’re not sure what Font Awesome is it’s an icon based font. You may have seen these icons on some ...

SSL and Your E-Commerce Site

Created: 06 Sep 2015  / Categories: blogging

If you run your e-commerce site on a place like Etsy, Shopify or any other already made shopping site, then you do not need to worry about SSL, they have it taken care of. If you’re a ...

Categories and Tags

Created: 07 Aug 2015  / Categories: blogging, resources

I set out working on my categories today, wow, it’s turned into a full-time job. I had way too many categories going on and have wanted to create a better system for awhile now. It can be ...