Smuug Pins

Created: 08 Nov 2017  / Categories: Design

My pins have been doing very well guys, I’m actually down to the last few which has really been a dream come true for me. They’re being sold here in Riyadh at Draft Cafe and The ...

Inspiring Portfolios

Created: 09 Sep 2017  / Categories: Design

01. Victoire Douy   02. Raoul Gaillard 03. Jen Lu 04. Alexandre Rochet 05. Femme Fatale Studio   06. Victoria Spicer   07. Sans   08. We Are Young Blood   09. NJI3 ...

Muzli, The Designers Paradise

Created: 22 Aug 2017  / Categories: Design, resources

Last week my friend was telling me about a little browser add on called Muzli and how good it was, I added it onto Chrome and every morning when I open my laptop I browse through the site. I ...

Finding Pantone Color Codes

Created: 23 Jul 2017  / Categories: Design

Before this year I worked mainly in digital design, but now I do a lot of print design work too and it’s an entirely different game. Typically a designer (or the client) will come up with ...

Free Eid Money Card Printable

Created: 20 Jun 2017  / Categories: Design, Lifestyle

We’re celebrating Eid in a few days, so I made some cute little Eid money cards. All you do is print it on an A4 paper, cut them out, fold, stuff some money inside and write whatever you ...

Dubai Font

Created: 30 May 2017  / Categories: Design

Every single time I got to Dubai I’m beyond impressed. I look around and say to myself “wow, this is a city done right, they know what they’re doing and how to get things done”. And this is ...