Popcorn Garland And The Elf

Created: 21 Dec 2016  / Categories: Interior, Lifestyle

My friend Laura and I were talking about Christmas traditions the other day. She’s from Finland, but also living here in Riyadh. When I brought up the traditional popcorn garland that we ...

10 Perfect Scandinavian Interior Designs

Created: 12 Oct 2016  / Categories: Interior

I’ve always been drawn towards more minimal looks when it comes to everything, so naturally because of that I love Scandinavian and Asian interiors. Today I want to focus on Scandinavian ...

Mint Green Kitchens

Created: 29 Aug 2016  / Categories: Interior

You all I’m kind of in love with mint green cabinets. It’s actually not even something I thought about until I moved to Saudi Arabia. Back home everyone has wood, normal colored ...

Decorating A Boys Rooms

Created: 12 May 2016  / Categories: Interior

For the past 8 years I’ve kept T’s room pretty basic. I mean he doesn’t sleep in there, and he hardly even goes in there anyway, but he’s getting older and I want to give ...

Stunning Light Fixtures

Created: 06 Mar 2016  / Categories: Interior

The peel wall light is one of my favorites, you just install it in the corner of a room and when the lights are out and the light looks like it’s peeling with some light peering in. This ...

Concrete Walls

Created: 13 Jan 2016  / Categories: Interior

As an artist I love anything with the industrial aesthetic. Exposed bricks, concrete walls you name it, I find beauty in it. These images show how you can work concrete walls in any room and it ...