Minimalism Life x Unsplash

Created: 05 Nov 2017  / Categories: resources

Two of my favorite sites Minimalissimo and unsplash recentely did a fantastic collaboration to create some beautiful free stock images. The images are simple, yet so perfect. I know you’ll ...

Muzli, The Designers Paradise

Created: 22 Aug 2017  / Categories: Design, resources

Last week my friend was telling me about a little browser add on called Muzli and how good it was, I added it onto Chrome and every morning when I open my laptop I browse through the site. I ...

Font Friday: Hagna

Created: 08 Apr 2017  / Categories: resources

It’s finally the weekend and I’ve spent the entire day inside, this past week exhausted me. I just had too much going on without enough hours per day. I knew when the weekend finally ...

Font Friday: Quentin

Created: 27 Jan 2017  / Categories: resources

I’ve been meaning to post a font Friday for the past few weeks, but by the time I remember it’s never Friday anymore, but hey I remembered today. I came across this font called ...

Font Friday: Anatalia

Created: 15 Oct 2016  / Categories: Design, resources

Today’s not Friday, I’m a day late, I know, but I meant to post this yesterday, however I was feeling down from a little bug I got and ended up spending most of the day sleeping. ...

PS No. 18 | How To Remove People In Photoshop

Created: 22 Jul 2016  / Categories: Design, resources

This is a picture I took at Seminyak beach in Bali a few weeks ago at sunset, looks great right? I love the calm ocean, with the touch of green and the best part is there are no people to ruin ...