Four Seasons Resort Bali at Sayan

Created: 16 Jul 2016  / Categories: Travel

The stunning view from our villa, we had two decks overlooking the greenery which I couldn’t get enough of. Balinese oranges and bananas, everyday the staff left different local fruit ...

Luwak Coffee Tour

Created: 10 Jul 2016  / Categories: Travel

Welcome! I had no idea this is how coffee grew. The cocoa tree has green star fruit like fruit growing, when you open it, it’s filled with cocoa beans. A cinnamon tree, I had no idea they ...

What I’m Packing

Created: 12 Jun 2016  / Categories: Lifestyle, Travel, très chic

When we travel around the Middle East it’s easy to take one big suitcase with a different outfit daily for each of us, but when we travel out of the region, we move around a lot more (and ...

Emirates Spring Vacation

Created: 04 Apr 2016  / Categories: Travel

This past Dubai vacation was the first time we’ve gone in Spring, we usually go in the midst of Summer, which I dread because of the humidity and heat. I’ve been telling my husband ...


Created: 22 Mar 2016  / Categories: Travel

Oh man, I have some serious jet lag over here and I can’t seem to shake it. The funny thing is that our flight was literally like 2 hours long, but it’s not even the flight that ...

Let’s Talk About Spring Break

Created: 09 Mar 2016  / Categories: Lifestyle, Travel

I think I’ve been on one Spring Break vacation my entire life which was when I was about 18. My friends and I went to Panama City Beach, Florida. It was crazy, but we had a really good ...