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Let’s Talk: Red Hair

Created: 07 Sep 2017  / Categories: très chic

I’ve always had a thing for red hair, I think red headed women are the most gorgeous, it’s such a unique and stunning color. As someone with dark hair, and red undertones, it’s ...

American vs. Saudi Beauty

Created: 01 Jun 2017  / Categories: très chic

I never realized how different beauty practices were around the world really until moving to a different country and seeing it for myself. I’ve recognized so many of these standards and ...

My 3 Favorite Foundations

Created: 07 May 2017  / Categories: très chic

I have no idea what’s up with my skin this year, but my face has had the roughest time. I’ve worn MAC Studio Fix since I was a teenager and never once had a problem, I mean, if it ...

Beauty Haul

Created: 15 Jan 2017  / Categories: très chic

This is probably the most I’ve ever spent on makeup, and probably the most I ever will. Like most girls I love to look nice, but I usually, but an item here and there, never all at once. ...

Emergency Face Care

Created: 28 Dec 2016  / Categories: très chic

I can’t even believe that I’m able to write an update post only a few weeks after I bought these products, wow! As I previously told you my face has been a disaster the last few ...

Reeboks and Bar Lacing

Created: 20 Dec 2016  / Categories: très chic

Did you know that there are literally hundreds of ways to lace your shoes? Right now I’m really into bar lacing mine because it can take a regular pair of shoes and kick up the look 100%. ...