I’ve talked about portfolios a few times here, they’re a big deal for creatives and how we get our clients. No ones going to hire someone without a portfolio or a bad one that doesn’t showcase their work. Since I work mainly in branding and web design I always feel like I have to make sure mine looks great. I mean would you hire someone to design your logo and site if theirs looks bad?

My portfolio and I have surely gone through a lot over the last decade. I started off just having screenshots of some of my work on one page of my website (so, so bad), then I decided to get my own website for my portfolio, which was great for a while, but it just felt silly to pay for extra hosting when I could have it on my own website. I’ve had Behance Portfolio (which they’ve now done away with) and my favorite was just having it on my own site, like I have the past few years.

However, of course, nothing is ever easy and the thing is that to have your portfolio on your own site, you have to have a theme that’s made especially for that. The theme I was using for the past few years had a blog, e-commerce and a portfolio already designed into it, which meant I could do what I wanted all with the same look. That’s great, but when you’re ready for a change, things can start getting tough. So if you want to change themes, then that means you’re losing everything, not just the look. Even if you choose another theme with those things, it’s not going to have the same sizes or needs. So you have to start all over again, and that’s when I saw the negative points of having your portfolio on your own site. Who wants to deal with that through the years every time they want or need a change? No one, that’s who.

So now that leaves me to checking out portfolio sites (which I’ve done before) and looking at other options. The first thing I did this past week was buy a year’s subscription to Portfoliobox, and I knew it wasn’t for me right off the bat. I then started thinking how great it would be to have a portfolio plugin (not a theme) that I could just install on my site, that would still be there and have the same look even if I changed themes in the future, and sure enough I found some. I thought I would share those with you all too.

1. Envira Gallery
Envira is a premium WordPress gallery plugin. It allows you to create beautiful image galleries and albums.

2. WordPress Portfolio Plugin
WordPress portfolio plugin is another free portfolio plugin. It allows you to automatically generate thumbnails of websites you add to your portfolio, and can customize it with css.

3. Nimble Portfolio
Nimble Portfolio offers an easy way to add a portfolio to your WordPress site. You can upload your images or other digital works by creating a new portfolio item.

4. Custom Content Portfolio
Custom Content Portfolio allows you to create a very basic portfolio. You can add your projects to categories and tags, allowing you to add project details.

5. Portfolio Gallery
Portfolio Gallery comes with different viewing and display options. It allows you to sort portfolio items into categories.

6. Portfolio by BestWebSoft
Easily add custom taxonomies for the executioners and technologies. You can mention users who worked on a project as executioners and technologies used in that project.

7. Projects by WooThemes
Projects is a free WordPress portfolio plugin written by the folks behind WooCommerce. It is a simple and basic portfolio plugin.

8. NextGen Gallery
It can also be used to create your portfolio. You can create your image galleries and albums.

9. Portfolio
Portfolio plugin simply allows you to create multiple portfolios with different projects in them. Each project can have its own cover image and gallery.

So as of now I have no idea which one (or if any) that I will choose. I just have my work up on Behance (not to be confused with the Behance portfolio they once had) until I figure out my next step. What’s your portfolio secrets?