A favicon is that little icon up in the browser next to the link. It’s an important part of every site since most people use that icon instead of reading when they bookmark your site. Just think about going to the store and grabbing a coke, you just look for the red can. It’s kind of the same for everything else that we get to know in a brand. I still remember years ago when favicons first came out (yes, I was blogging all the way back then) and how popular they were.

At that time you could only use an .ico file and it was such a hassle getting it installed. You actually had to go into the code and insert your own code into it. Thank goodness now it’s a simple task. You can easily create our own using any graphic software such as PhotoShop, Illustrator or even free versions like Gimp or Faviconer. This is a simple tutorial that anyone can do. wordpre

1. Create a layer, making it a square 16×16 pixel. If you want the background transparent, then make sure to select that at this time. If you want the background to be colored then choose the color you want for the background.

2. You can add an image that goes along with your design or a simple letter that represents your logo, you will obviously want to choose the same text from your font so that it all meshes well. Since the icon itself is only 16, you would want the image or text to be around 14 pixels. Most graphics at this size are hardly visible and this is why I personally prefer a letter.

3. Save your file as a .PNG or .JPEG file on your computer.

4. If you’re using Blogger you can simply upload inside the layout and save, if you’re a WordPress user and your theme does not have an area to upload a custom favicon them download this Favicon Plugin. All you need to do is go to settings-favicon and upload your graphic there and save.

Any questions? If so, please ask away.