This past Dubai vacation was the first time we’ve gone in Spring, we usually go in the midst of Summer, which I dread because of the humidity and heat. I’ve been telling my husband that I want to travel in the Spring (or Winter) forever now, it’s really hard to enjoy yourself when you feel like a boiling potato. I’m not even sure where to start, but this past trip to The Emirates was by far our favorite yet. We’ve been to the country several times now so we’ve come to know what to expect and the things we do or don’t want to do, which is really relevant for traveling.


I knew right off the bat that I only wanted to stay at Jumeirah Beach. A lot of times we will split up our stay so that we can enjoy more than one resort, but on our last trip we stayed first at Atlantis The Palm and then Jumeriah Beach and we didn’t really feel like the vacation got going until we arrived at Jumeriah beach. That’s all that I needed to know from there on out that I only wanted to stay in JBH when in Dubai.


During our last visit, we upgraded to the club package for both Atlantis and Jumeirah Beach, which after experiencing is definitely worth the extra price. Unfortunately, last time we never really asked what all that included so we missed quite a bit, however, this time I made sure to find out. For JBH they pick you up (and drop you off) from the airport in a luxury car, the club has it’s on area where you can easily check in. The club has food and drinks for the members at all times. They had this gorgeous outside area filled with flowers and trees that you could sit outside and enjoy, it was my favorite. You also get a private pool and beach area which you share with the Burj Al Arab guest. JBH has several pools and beaches, but the private ones are so much more private, which I appreciated. What I really liked is that while we were out enjoying the day, if we got hungry, we could just go in and grab some food. That alone pays for your upgrade!


Jumeirah property is so HUGE that it seriously takes you several trips to really learn about them and all they offer. The property has several resorts all around as well as shops and restaurants (even Wild Wadi water park), and as a guest you’re allowed access to all of it. They have workers driving golf carts around at all hours to take you around, the property is HUGE and there’s no way you could just walk around it. One of the most important things for us is feeling safe when we travel, and I can’t rave enough about how safe the properties are. Unless you’re staying at one of the hotels, you’re not getting access to any of it. UAE in general is really safe, as soon as you enter the country they pretty much know where you are, cameras are everywhere.


Because of this my husband always let me and T do our own thing, which we appreciate. We would get up and eat breakfast outside in the garden and spend the day collecting shells at the beach, swimming in the pool, riding scary rides at the water park and touring the property. Guys, I’m so white that I actually got sun poison while I was there, I looked terrifying with my neon pink skin that was bloody and bumpy, and yes I had sunscreen on the entire time, I’m just that white.


Okay, so enough about the resort, you clearly see I love it! During our stay the weather was amazing, even cool on some days which was awesome. I don’t think we will ever travel to the Emirates any other time! One night we went to the movies (we don’t have theaters in Saudi) and watched Kung Fu Panda, it was such a great family movie. One day we went The Gloal Village, which I didn’t even know existed. It’s pretty much like a theme park that’s supposed to be about the entire world. They have tons of countries and when you walk into said country, it’s an outdoor market representing it. They had rides and lots of food. You need a lot of time to explore and we only had a few hours so we didn’t get to see too much.


Surprisingly enough as much as we’ve been to The Dubai Mall we’ve never actually bought tickets to the aquarium. I’ve seen it from the outside and thought that’s all it had to offer, but boy was I wrong. It was so amazing and definitely something everyone visiting the city should do. First, they have the tunnel which is cool in itself, but they have an entire other area that I never even noticed. I think the entire thing took us a few hours. You get a tour guide that shows you all about the aquarium and the great things they’re doing. We saw sharks eggs, I didn’t even know some sharks lay eggs. T was asking all kinds of question, heck, so was I. And the King croc was HUGE, I’ve never seen something like that. One day we also went to Atlantis so we could check out The Lost Chambers again, another thing you have to do (go through the week though).


Most of all we ate! I’m pretty sure I gained about 100 pounds while we were there. We ate at Atlantis, a Southern restaurant, Iranian and way too many more places, but hey, eating is one of the pleasures of vacationing after all. And I think that about wraps up the trip, we had actually planned to do a few more things, but after getting to the resort it was hard to leave, we were just having so much fun. T wore me out, he would be up as soon as the sun would come out wanting to get up and out. He had me at the water park going to ride after ride, chasing him in the pool and building sand castles. Woo, let me tell you after we came home, I needed a major rest. I was worn out mentally and physically, and yes the sun poisoning thing too, but who cares what a trip it was.


It was my favorite vacation yet. We had almost traveled to Sri Lanka, but since T only had a week off for Spring Break I felt the travel time was too much, we would lose a day coming and going. If you go somewhere more than a few hours away, it’s best to stay at least two weeks. I think we’ll explore that option this summer, has anyone been?