I get asked a lot on my instagram account what camera or apps that I use. People think that I use my DSLR for my photos, but nope it’s usually my IPad mini. You can take some really nice pictures on one, but you need some light and a great app. Every once in awhile I will take a photo with my DSLR when we are on vacation or something just because I have it with me, but usually it’s my IPad since it’s quick. I try to take all my pictures in the daytime when the sun is out because all images look better in natural light. One of the best things you can do if you like taking pictures is buy a white poster board. It’s cheap and will make whatever you’re shooting look great. So here are my favorites and why.

VSCOcam– This is my favorite app of all. I take all of my pictures through the apps camera as well and it’s a million times better than any other one I have used even the one that comes with the IPad. I love all the edits like adding some brightness and the great filters.

Rookie– This is brand new and so far I am loving it. The camera and it’s options are great like focus (a must for me) and the self timer. The filters are great and for those of you who like to add text or graphics this is for you.

#Nocrop– I usually do not mind that instagram makes all my photos square, but sometimes I just do not want to lose part of my image. And for those times I use this app, its simple and straightforward.

Grid Lens– When you want to add more than one image at a time this is the app for you.The camera, edits and filters are all pretty great as well.