One of my past clients emailed me a few weeks ago about the images on her blog. All the sudden the quality was lacking and she wanted to know if I knew why. Ironically enough, this was something that I’ve been noticing on my site too, and thought it was an issue with my camera lens. After I got to digging sure enough, I found that one of the latest WordPress updates (4.5) started compressing images from 90 to 82, and of course we all want 100. This is now a default setting in WordPress and the only way to fix it is by doing the below.

1. To disable it, you’ll need to add the below code into the function.php (you will find this in apperance-theme-and to the right) file of your theme. Just add it at the very bottom and save. PLEASE be very careful, these areas are sensitive. Make sure you ONLY do what the tutorial says.

add_filter(‘jpeg_quality’, function($arg){return 100;});

2. After you fix the compression settings download the regenerate thumbnail plugin and run it.

Your images should look sharp and clear, like you uploaded them. Also, make sure if you’re running a cache plugin you delete the cache so you can see the changes instantly.