It’s finally the weekend and I’ve spent the entire day inside, this past week exhausted me. I just had too much going on without enough hours per day. I knew when the weekend finally came that it was going to be a major chill mode for me. I’m about to drag myself out of bed to meet a girlfriend for dinner at my favorite spot and I may go to the food festival tomorrow, and that’s it. I seriously don’t know how some women raise kids, have a family, take care of their home, work full time and all the other things they do. Just working and going to the gym is killing me. Super women for sure!

I’m back with a great new font this week, Font Friday has been a general theme for me over the years, and you all seem to really enjoy them too. This weeks font is called Hagna and the overall simplicity of it is what pulled me in, I always love a good clean rounded font, they’re always the ones I use the most.

Friday’s font: Hagna
Font Style: Display
Numbers of styles: 1
Designer: Nav Raw
Get it here: Behance