The stunning view from our villa, we had two decks overlooking the greenery which I couldn’t get enough of.

Balinese oranges and bananas, everyday the staff left different local fruit which was picked from the grounds. The orange looks like a lime on the outside, an orange inside, but taste like a lemon. The locals make a drink from it with sugar and water. The bananas don’t export from the island, and are kept for the locals only.

My favorite thing about the island is the Jasmine trees that are literally everywhere. The smell of fresh jasmine is the most beautiful scent, and one I can’t get enough of. The locals also always have it in their hair or give it for offerings.

Although Indonesia is a Muslim country, the island of Bali are Hindus. You see these statues all over, where people give offerings throughout the day.

Fresh mint from the herb garden, the resort grows all kinds of herbs, fruits and vegetables for both culinary and medicinal uses. The ground is very rich in Bali, and they can grow pretty much anything, even rice.

The beautiful villas! While the grounds are big with a lot to do, the resort has a small amount of villas so that your stay is private and relaxing, I loved this.

We had two infinity pools overlooking the river, the view and the weather was spectacular.

I found a little waterfall trickling down into the river.

I spent most of my time just sitting by the river, it reminded me of home.

T loved the pool, it doesn’t matter where we stay with him as long as we have a pool. I can’t believe I never even got in, but I enjoyed reading in the atmosphere.

Can you believe this is how your rice starts out?

The Balinese welcoming ceremony, where the girls welcome you and pin a flower behind your ear.

This bridge crosses over the rainforest and takes you to and from the resort.

During our vacation this Summer we split our time up between three different locations and places to stay, which I really enjoyed seeing how I got to see an entirely new side of Bali. The Four Seasons Resort was located in Ubud which is around the lower middle of the island, it’s away from the beach by about 30 minutes, but it’s in the midst of the rainforest, filled with green and rivers. I’ve always thought of myself as more of an ocean person, but coming here made me feel more in my element. I think it’s because it reminded me so much of home with the plush greenery and flowing river, what a sound at night!

The staff was incredibly kind and made sure to make our stay special. I really liked the fact that the resort is small therefore it was quite without a lot of people there or stuff going on. They also have tons of activities that you can take part in such as village walks, cooking classes and river rafting to name a few. The villa was two levels with a deck, living room and bathroom upstairs and then downstairs had a bedroom, bathroom, closet and deck, it was the perfect space for 3. The villa was built in the classic Balinese style which is a lot of handcrafted and carved wood, it was breathtaking.

The bathroom had this giant tub with windows all around it so that you could open them up and take in the view if you wanted, along with all kinds of goodies like bath salts and incense, pretty much heaven for a woman. They had two restaurants, one by the river and the other under the lobby. While I do like Indonesian food, Balinese is a different story for me, I just couldn’t get into it. So T and I ate mainly at the river spot for the food was more western. Speaking of western every time we’re in Bali, I never see any Americans, but it seemed that everyone at the resort was American, so I found where they were all hiding.

They had a room for kids with sitters and a fun tree house outside, but really who wants to do anything like that on vacation? I know T just wanted to look around or play in the pool. They have a two layer infinity pool right beside the river, one for adults and the other for kids. In the evening T and A went to eat in town and I stayed and had dinner by the river with a book, it just may have been my favorite moment of my entire trip. Just me and nature! I would most definitely recommend this spot for anyone coming to the island, what a paradise it was. You can check out their website here if you would like.