Last Wednesday and Thursday I got to take part in a two day forum held here in Riyadh called ‘Quality of Life‘ which was hosted by Future Studios (who do this around the world) and Ahmed Bin Aqeel Al Khateeb (Chairman of The Quality of Life Program committee) and Princess Reema Bint Bandar Bin Sultan Al Saud, GSA’s vice President for Planning & Development (an absolute role model for women worldwide). Back in November I had the pleasure of attending The Misk Forum, which was all about business and moving forward in the country and was an absolute massive event, however this “talk” was small and quaint, which I loved it. There were about 150 of us and it was seriously some of the most impressive people I’ve ever met in my life (actors, gold medal winners, film makers, CEO’s, a Doctor whom is working to cure cancer, a ballerina and a list that just keeps going). SO what exactly was Future Studios and its goals?

To co-create a vision of quality of life for the people of Saudi Arabia from the people of Saudi Arabia: giving a voice to various stakeholders of society to inform, challenge and evolve the thinking of policy makers responsible for the Quality of Life Program, as the Kingdom strives towards its Vision 2030.

So basically all of these amazing people were flown in and talked about their story and then pitched ideas to the law and policy makers of Saudi (ministers and members of the Royal family) about how they think Saudi can take an amazing step ahead. I was part of the creative group and while I wish I could divulge on what was spoken about, we were asked not to. However, it was so interesting for us, and all of the people that flew in because we’re now ready for the changes of the world, the future and really want to start off new and BIG. The Saudi of yesterday (that most people have a perception of) will not be the Saudi of tomorrow, we’re going to do big things.

As someone who has been here for a decade, it’s beautiful to watch all these changes in front of my eyes, to see history actually being made. I’m so blessed to be here and be part of it all, I love Saudi and really couldn’t think of calling anywhere else “home”.