Before I had my son I used to waste so much money on expensive bags. They were once about looking nice and now it seems like I just need a bag to carry everyone’s stuff. We have a store in the mall called Parafois here and I started buying all my bags there. They are cute, stylish and affordable. So much in fact, that I buy a new one every few months. I am not one of those girls at all, who needs an expensive label to make me feel good about myself or the way people see me. I have always believed that is not what being stylish is at all and just the opposite in fact.

Last weekend I was in the store and had decided on this red one (I love how the clear plastic is making a big come back) and when I was about to check out I saw a few marble patterned purses and just knew I had to get it. Marble goes with everything pretty much. This is smaller than the typical purse I carry, but I am loving the ease of it and everything fits perfect.

What is your bag style?