I’ve always had a thing for red hair, I think red headed women are the most gorgeous, it’s such a unique and stunning color. As someone with dark hair, and red undertones, it’s also the only color my hairs been able to easily pull off, but it never last longs and always washed out, it’s a commitment like any other color I guess. For the past 6 months I’ve had the thought of going red and 3 weeks ago I finally took the plunge. I booked an appointment at a salon here, because I think it’s extremely important now to go to the salon first when you want to change your color initially so they can make sure everything is the same color and no spots are left.

I had taken a picture with me to the salon, it wasn’t really red, but a slight eggplant color. I guess somewhere between red and plum. The first step was that they had to bleach my hair, just a little bit to get the darkness out. I was truly freaking out over this one, because I’m still growing my hair out from the last time I bleached (over bleached) and ended up cutting it all off. The lady promised that they were just taking out some of the darkness, and it wouldn’t be a big deal (it wasn’t). After the bleach, they put some red on and the end result, wow I was in love. The first color was a little orange-reddish, but I still loved it and thought it looked great. However, my hair grows REALLY fast, like you can see roots in 1 week and that’s kind of my pet peeve, the band of roots looks gross.

I decided that I would just touch up my roots myself instead of going back to the salon constantly. I searched all over Riyadh for a week until I found the color I wanted, and finally I came across Garnier Color Naturals in Raspberry Black. It’s a little darker, but I love it and feel it looks natural, I’m still on the line if I should go more red, I love red as I said, but I hate the fake bright red, to me it looks very cheap.

Also, the thing about red, is that it’s an absolute mess to work with and it washes out easily. For example, I did my roots 1 week ago and the bathroom looked like I murdered someone, it was a nightmare to clean up and while my hair looked great at first, a deep dark red, now it’s back to a lighter red (which I like too). I even bought special hair stuff for colored hair, and yea, it would probably last longer if I was one of those women who never washed her hair, but ladies I don’t get how you do that, I need to wash mine daily to feel and look my best.

I had read a lot about Manic Panic and really wanted to try it, but it’s pretty expensive here, and in the end it would be cheaper for me to go to the salon than buy it, so no thanks. As of now, 3 weeks in I absolutely love my red hair, and have no plans to change it. It’s the only color I’ve ever changed my hair that works for me, it goes great with my pale skin tone, green eyes and even bring my freckles out. Also, one more thing that I felt was necessary was dying my brows too. Mine are black and I didn’t feel they worked with the red hair, so I just put some of the dye on them while I did my hair, and it lightened them up a bit, and looked much better.