I think I’ve been on one Spring Break vacation my entire life which was when I was about 18. My friends and I went to Panama City Beach, Florida. It was crazy, but we had a really good time. Where I’m from Spring break week is not a place you ever see families, it’s more of a time for college kids to go to the beach and have a GOOD time. For some reason wet T-shirt contest in Cancun always come to mind. My one trip was not that crazy, thankfully!

I guess most of the schools around the world have spring break because they do even here in Saudi, so we decided to plan a Spring break vacation. It’s only a week which is not too much time for traveling out of the county, but heck, even a few days out of here brings a smile to this gals face. The majority of Saudis travel outside the country when any break comes. I’ve actually never seen a country that travels as much as this one. Fall, Summer, Spring and holidays you name it, they leave as fast as they can. Says a lot, right?

We always travel in the hottest months and I’ve always wanted to go when it’s cooler so that we can enjoy our vacation more. Spring here is like a normal Summer in America, so much better than the late Summer when the heat makes you want to pass out. I can’t wait to just unplug from life and rejuvenate. I have loads of plans like high tea at a 7 star hotel (always wanted to check it out), diving with sharks, a little shopping, loads of good food and swimming. I can’t wait to get some sun, I look like a walking corpse. So hopefully I’ll have a blast and lots of fun updates when I get back.

Do you have any plans for Spring Break?