Garance talks about a fabulous app for making your images look like real watercolor paintings.

I have been reading all over the net that blogging is dying.

This article made me fall in love with Kunst K. I love the packaging and really need to buy some of those products.

I never would have though to use old CDs as coasters, but Ivania makes everything look cool.

Allysa talks about a few books that she read last month. I have read one of them, but look forward to checking the others out as well.

I really want a pair of these Adidas so bad it hurts. The outfit in general is right up my tree.

Miss Moss made a great post about skin care products. I am obsessed with this stuff so I always enjoy these posts.

Are you in need of a pretty desktop? Well, In Honor of Design has you covered right here.

I am just falling in love with these fabulous wallpapers that Corina made. You just have to use one.

Have you all heard of offset by Shutterstock? I just love everything about it.