I’ve been really moved this past week by the stand all the women around the world are taking against the things they want changed. We’ve had to fight for what we want forever. The right to vote, work, the right for women of color to be treated as equals, and so much more. If we never took a stand for the things we wanted in life, we would never get it. I’ve also loved seeing strong men stand right beside the women wanting change for us too. Educated men know that this is not a fight against them, but the system itself and the ones that want to continue to hold us back.

It’s crazy for me, an American woman to live in a country where women have such small rights, but slowly things are changing here too. For example, women can vote now and also work and get educated. I know that’s crazy for people in the west hear since we’re so far ahead, but this is big steps for them. Unfortunately, women here don’t get the chance to rally, even peacefully. So if you’re in a country where you can, you’re blessed for that alone.

The entire women’s march that has been taking place was started because of Trump and the resistance to embrace him as our leader. Trump burnt a lot of bridges on the way to his presidency, consistently talking bad about women, judging people on the way they look, race and religion. I read a post on Instagram that said “We hate Donald Trump like you hated Obama. However, we hate Trump because he is racist, you hated Obama because you’re racist.” If you’re wondering what the women’s rally is trying to get out of all this, you can read their official policy here.

More power to all the people in the world that stand up for what they believe in, and do it in a peaceful and educated way.