It’s been 3-1/2 years since I’ve moved my blog from Blogger to WordPress, and I had made this post back when I moved, so it was in need of a big update, since a few things have changed since then. I used to design custom themes for Blogger and also sell already made designs, but I stopped a few years ago since I just didn’t feel like I was able to do a lot of things I wanted to with a design like I could on WordPress. However, I went back into Blogger this past week for the first time and was really shocked to see that it’s literally the same as it was 3-1/2 years, with no new updates or changes, such a disappointment, but I’m so glad I stopped working with Blogger and switched over my own when I did.

Typically I would never move a client’s site from one platform to another, but I have been doing a new WordPress design for a past client and I went ahead and did it for her since she has a really laid back personality and I knew it wouldn’t be a headache. I know back when I moved my own I had some format issues with my posts, but this paticular blog didn’t have one issue when I moved it, woo.

It’s actually quite easy to move everything over from Blogger to WordPress, you will keep your posts, images, pages, tags categories and comments. There were just a few changes since I had last wrote this post, but I felt like it was worth letting you know about, since it would save you hours, unlike it did for me at the time.


Before you move your blog from Blogger to WordPress, you need to have a host. It’s also important to remember that there are two WordPress sites, one is (the free version) and the other is (the self hosted version, and the one I’m talking about). In order to have a self hosted WordPress you have to pay for a host to host it. You can search online for self hosted WordPress hosts, I use Bluehost personally and always recommend it. I’ve written a post on the differences of the two WordPress sites and also how you can set up WordPress on a host.


The biggest issue you’re going to have is your domain. If you already have a custom domain that you’re using on Blogger you can still use it on WordPress, but you will have to tell your current domain host that you want them to point your domain to a new site, since you will not be using the old one anyone, it’s just a switch of a few numbers on their end and you’ll be good to go. You could also switch your domain over to the same host you’ll be using for WordPress if you want to, I did just for ease later on, but I’ve known people who just leave it alone, it’s all up to you and your personal preference. is not an already installed site, you have to install it on your new host. I don’t know about any other hosts, but if you ask Bluehost to install WordPress for you, they will (I plan to make a post about this later). If you’re going to use a new domain name, and not move an old one it will be a lot simpler, just make sure to tell them to install WordPress for you. From there they will give you a login link and your login information. Once that all of that is out the way, here’s how you can move your Blogger blog over to your self hosted WordPress account.


On the Blogger dashboard, go to settings, others. At the top you will see a gray button that says back up content, choose that and allow the file to download to your computer.


Download this plugin called Blogger Imported Extended. On your WordPress dashboard, go to plugins, install and then upload and activate. Now to go tools, import, Blogger Importer Extended and follow the directions. It can take a few minutes, all that depends on your old blog size for everything to load up.


Blogger only has one set up when it comes to permalinks, they will look like:

However, when it comes to WordPress you have control over your permalinks, and how they look. BUT you HAVE to set up the permalinks the exact same way they are on Blogger (the link above) so that you don’t have any broken links or 404 pages. If you don’t fix this, then readers will not be able to go to the exact post, let’s say when they click on something in Pinterest. To easily fix this issue first download this Blogger 301 redirect plugin.

After you load and activate the plugin, go to settings and select the plugin. Under the options I always check each box except the second one. Below that you will see a Blogger template code, select that code and go to your blogger layout and add this code for the template and save. This will make sure everyone comes to your new site and you won’t end up with any issues.

To set up the correct permalink settings in your WordPress dashboard, go to settings, permalinks. At the very bottom select custom structure and add: /%year%/%monthnum%/%postname%.html and make sure to save.

If you follow all of these directions step by step you shouldn’t have any issues, if you have any questions or problems just ask and I’ll be glad to help you out.