Opening Sidebar links in a new Tab

Created: 05 Feb 2012  / Categories: resources

Nothing is more annoying than when you’re reading a blog you love and want to click a link to read for a minute and it takes you somewhere else. We want to read the blog and see the link and ...

Whats in my bag?

Created: 28 Jan 2012  / Categories: Lifestyle

Clutch-Old School IPod, Shark Bites, Stella Glitter, Cell, Tea Tree Oil, Ibuprofen- USB-Nail File-Jasmine Oil from Bali-Pencil- MAC Lipglass in Pink lemonade-Guess Watch

Replace Older, Newer And Home Blogger links with an image + free images

Created: 19 Jan 2012  / Categories: resources

I had a request from one of my blog readers on how to make the older and newer post links beneath the Blogger post stand out a bit more. This tutorial is really simple, but please always back up ...

Polyandry in Nepal

Created: 15 Jan 2012  / Categories: Lifestyle

Polyandry in northwest Nepal. The seated young woman is Terribal, age 15. She holds her young husband, age five. Left of Terribal is another husband, age 12. Standing directly behind her is her ...

A Day Out

Created: 12 Jan 2012  / Categories: Lifestyle

  {I love sunsets in the desert} {Riyadh is always jammed with traffic} {mosque are everywhere you look}   {Centria my favorite mall which also has my favorite cafes}   {I LOVE me some Outback ...

Compounds in Riyadh

Created: 11 Dec 2011  / Categories: Lifestyle

A list of compound communities and housing residence in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. These compounds are located in various parts of Riyadh. Compounds are gated communities, with different types of ...