You all hear me talking about Saudi and all it’s changes a lot, one of those big changes is events. I know that sounds crazy to the rest of the world, but having events is all new to the people here. I remember when I first came here the only event they ever had was Janadriyah (which is still my favorite). Mixing women and men is still a really new idea here, you can easily tell the country is trying to introduce new ideas and get the society used to these changes, it’s going great actually.

I’ve gone to a few events this year, and I wanted to share my experience and thoughts with you all. First, all of every event has tickets and you usually have to buy them ahead of time, or for a little more at the door. Any other event I’ve gone to in the world that has tickets usually means that everything inside is free to the ticket holder, I mean what else would the point of a ticket be? Not here, which is my number one annoyance, not only is absolutely nothing free, it’s expensive, I’m talking like sr20 for an espresso that taste bad.

Another thing I’ve noticed is that every single event is just the same, I really wish someone would try to take this great idea and make it into something new and exciting. They really could! You walk in and it’s kind of like an indoor yard sale (but new things). There are booths with businesses selling their goods, but it’s always just drinks, clothes and a few games, all ridiculously overpriced (for T to shoot a target it was sr50). To have a good time you really need to bring a wad of cash with you (that’s another thing these events are all cash and usually don’t have an ATM on location).

I took T to one in Ramadan at the start of the month, and after a few minutes he wasn’t enjoying it and wanted to go to the mall to play, I really should have learned my lesson then, but someone told me about an Eid event and that it was supposed to be so much fun for families, I honestly thought it was an actual event. I bought the tickets in advance, hired a driver to take us all the way out there and when we got there it was the same thing, no event at all, just these booths set up. After spending so much money for this I really just wanted to cry, and seriously, I will never go to another one.

I just wanted to give you all my personal opinion, so you don’t waste a ton of money and time like I have. If you find an event that’s free (like Janadriyah, or a rare festival then please go to that one) but all these paid events are the same old things and not worth it at all. That being said I hope that you all found some great things to for Eid, we did go to a free event the first night of Eid in the city, and it was fine, it wasn’t the best thing in the world, but I didn’t have to pay to get in so I didn’t feel any loss with that one.