How To Fix WordPress Blurred Images

Created: 10 Jan 2017  / Categories: blogging

One of my past clients emailed me a few weeks ago about the images on her blog. All the sudden the quality was lacking and she wanted to know if I knew why. Ironically enough, this was something ...

PS No. 15 | Get the Black and White look with Some Color

Created: 16 Mar 2016  / Categories: Design, resources

I love creating images that are black and white with a little color, it just makes a photo look really unique. I used to have an old tutorial on here from about 6 years ago showing how to create ...

PS No. 13 | How to Create a Repeating Pattern

Created: 28 Nov 2015  / Categories: Design, resources

I thought I would create a tutorial on how to make a seamless tutorial in PhotoShop since most people seem to have a basic understanding of this software over Illustrator which is a little ...

PS No. 11 | How to Use Texture Overlays

Created: 24 Sep 2015  / Categories: Design, resources

Using texture overlays in Photoshop has been one of my favorite little tricks for some years now. It’s a pretty easy process and you can make whatever image or graphic you have, take on ...

Easily Create Social Icons with Font Awesome

Created: 13 Sep 2015  / Categories: blogging, Design, resources

Font Awesome Icons are one my favorite tools to use no my own blog and others. If you’re not sure what Font Awesome is it’s an icon based font. You may have seen these icons on some ...

PS No. 9 | Getting Started with Watercolors: Digitizing

Created: 26 Jul 2015  / Categories: Design, resources

Part 1: Tools Part 2: Tips & Tricks So this is the last part in my watercolor series, by now you should be ready to learn about how to actually get your work on the computer and edit it. If ...