How To Fix WordPress Blurred Images

Created: 10 Jan 2017  / Categories: blogging

One of my past clients emailed me a few weeks ago about the images on her blog. All the sudden the quality was lacking and she wanted to know if I knew why. Ironically enough, this was something ...

How to Use A Custom Font On Your Blog

Created: 07 Dec 2016  / Categories: blogging

I always use Google fonts, I mean they have everything you could want plus it’s all free and easy. However, every now and again you may want a certain custom font, and luckily it’s a ...

How to Create An Affiliate Shop

Created: 17 Jul 2016  / Categories: blogging

You’ve probably noticed that a lot of bloggers are creating shops that link to their favorite items, and by doing so they get a small percentage every time someone buys said product. I ...

Remove WordPress Double Widget Titles

Created: 26 Mar 2016  / Categories: blogging

A while back a new WordPress update caused several widgets to display the name twice. Usually if you remove a widget title it just won’t show, but this glitch still shows the title, which ...

My Favorite Social Media Plugin

Created: 21 Mar 2016  / Categories: blogging

I found the Elegant Theme website about a year ago when I started using their newsletter opt-in service. I was also introduced to another great plugin that they have called Monarch. Now you can ...

How to Use A Custom Cursor On Your Blog

Created: 07 Feb 2016  / Categories: blogging, Design

Did you know that you can use a custom cursor on your blog? Of course you can, you can do most things now days! A custom cursor is just one more step in defining your own space the way you want ...