Y’all, I don’t even know where to start, what a week it’s been in Saudi Arabia. As I’ve told you in the past, things have changed a lot in the past ten years that I’ve been here, but they went lightning speed when Prince Mohammad Bin Salman became the crown prince. He’s young (younger than me) so he sees the struggles that we face, and the way life should progress, unlike the ones before him that were MUCH older. It’s so great to see change, it’s amazing actually and I feel proud to be here to witness history.

So everything started this past weekend when we were celebrating national day. Usually you’ll just find fireworks or a few boring shows, but this year they had tons of events set up and even blocked the most popular street off, it was a new idea, but I didn’t imagine it to be what it really was. We get there and there’s an actual dj playing American hits. Everyone (it was mixed) was singing and dancing, it probably all sounds normal to you all, but for us, we’ve never ever had anything like this in Saudi. This is a very closed society, no one mixes and you’ll never find a DJ playing loud American music. It was a beautiful sight to see.

And then a few days later (Tuesday, September 26th) King Salman accounced that in June 2018 that women in Saudi Arabia will be allowed to drive. We’re going to be able to DRIVE!!! I was sitting at Draft Cafe when it all happened and you could see the immediate buzz, everyones phone was dinging and people were happy, the men were as happy as we were. I haven’t even been able to come off this high the past few days. The entire world is congratulating us and truly happy for us, all the dealerships are already creating ads geared towards women, it’s beautiful.

Women were also allowed to in the soccer stadium for the first time last week, and the week before The Blueman Group was here from the states. I had seen them once in the past and was excited to go again. It was amazing and I was shocked when it wasn’t segregated, definitely the first time for that. And you know what? It did amazing, everyone acted normal and did just fine, like we all knew they would.

All of my friends worldwide have been messaging me online and on my phone, it’s really touching that people thought of all of us here, and just knew how much this meant to us and what a milestone we’ve crossed. These little things are basic rights for people, so it’s amazing that ours are finally being met. I wonder what’s next? I feel like so many changes are coming and we’re all a bit shocked at the moment ourselves. It literally all came out of left field without a peep beforehand.