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Top 7 of 2016

It’s super interesting for me to see what people love the most on my blog, and also what they look for. It’s always the things that I would least expect to be popular that are. Here are the most searched words and viewed post for 2016.

Top 7 Popular Posts

1. Luna

2. Color Combos

3. Halawa Hair Remover

4. Getting Started with Watercolors

5. DIY Arabic eyebrows, and what a Saudi salon is like

6. I Want to go there

7. Beautiful Blog Designs

Top 7 Searches

1. Halawa Wax

2. Perfect Eyebrows

3. Shoes

4. Janadriyah Festival

5. Fonts

6. Color

7. Expat

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1 Comment
  • Jessica

    01.10.17 at 11:51 am

    I love your blog designs post! So inspiring x

    Jessica — NinetyCo