One of my friends (who makes the same amount as me) was giving me some great tips on saving. She was shocked that I’m finding it difficult to get by on my salary, when she and her husband both live off that amount and have some left over (they’re saving his salary, to build their home). I started thinking how ridiculous it is, that I’m having this much trouble, clearly I need to make some big changes.

I’ve never been the best with money, but also, luckily I’ve never been the worst either. I’ve never had a credit card, or taken loans. I’ve seen people in debt and thought it would be the absolute worst way to live, so I’ve always just lived according to my own means. My own personal issue is that I’m horrible when it comes to saving. I could easily sit at home and never do anything, and save a lot and truthfully, that’s always my intentions, but I end up getting bored and it never seems to happen.

About a month ago I was reading that the first step to start saving is to be aware of what you’re actually spending your money on, and write down every little penny you spend. I decided that I would start doing this immediately, to see what I’m spending my money on and then to see what I can cut out of my life. I downloaded about a dozen apps and none of them seemed to be what I was looking for, that is until I came across Expense Keep.

You can easily add all your income, recurring expenses and daily expenses. I’ve been recording everything I spend, and it’s becoming such an eye opening experience. The majority of my money is going towards food, mostly eating out. Which really annoys me since I cook at home and take lunch to work to save, but sometimes when I do get off work, I’m tired and don’t feel like cooking or it’s the weekend and I’m just bored out of my mind. It’s so easy to waste money, seriously and we all do waste so much. For example, to buy a bottle of water here, it’s sr1, the restaurant sells the same water for sr12. I took T out to lunch yesterday and the juice alone was sr25, that’s an insane amount for a small juice. So now I’m thinking about all the money wasted on drinks, which is something I never noticed before.

I clearly don’t want to turn into some crazy cheap lady, and no worries that will never happen, but I’m becoming more aware of cost and spending thanks to that little app, and I really hope it changes me for the better. Now that I work, I hate to think of myself spending my day away from home and T working and then just wasting it all on trivial things. Happy Savings!