I always use Google fonts, I mean they have everything you could want plus it’s all free and easy. However, every now and again you may want a certain custom font, and luckily it’s a pretty easy task to do. Some custom fonts cost, but you can usually find everything for free if you look hard enough. I’m going to show you how can install one custom font on your WordPress site for free (anything over 1 cost).

1. Download the plugin Use Any Font. Activate!

2. Find the custom font that you want to use, you may already have it on your computer. I really like the site cufon fonts. For the sake of this tutorial, let’s use one of my favorite fonts Avenir book regular. Select, and download.

3. On the left side of your WordPress dashboard you will see use any font. You will need a free API key. Just go to the link provided at the top, when you get to the new page slide the price over to $0 and select a payment, then choose. It will give you the key for free. Copy the key and paste it on your site then save.

4. Under that upload the font that you want to use, name it and save. Under that you can choose where you want to use the font. I suggest to use it either as a header or body, font, but not both or all. Here’s a quick run down of what each of those tags mean.

  • All body tags (everything, but please don’t do this)
  • Headlines 1-6 (a good blog design will have several headings for you to use when needed, you can tell what is
  • what by using firebug)
  • Paragraphs (this is your body font)
  • Blockquotes (quotes you use in your posts)
  • Lists (bullets you use)
  • Hyperlink (any links you add)

5. Save by choosing assign font and your good to go. Just remember if you’re using a cache plugin to clear the cache on your site or you want be able to see the changes instantly until it clears again.